Defined Benefit Services

PPS consultants help you determine if a defined benefit plan can meet your objectives by analyzing your work force and preparing a cost/benefit analysis.

  • Full services are available for establishing or maintaining a plan.
  • Prototype and mass submitter documents are available, as well as assistance with individually designed plans.
  • Summary Plan Descriptions and IRS qualification services are included with document services.
  • PPS will work with a client's legal counsel, accountants, or other financial advisors to establish the right plan to meet the client's needs and objectives.

PPS consultants are experienced in all types of benefit plans, including:

  • Defined Benefit Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans

Annual actuarial services generally include:

  • Consulting time with client and advisors in regard to financial planning for the year. Review of regular contribution levels, and changes in the plan or actuarial assumptions required to meet planning.
  • Reconciliation of employee data and trust asset information for the plan.
  • Determination of minimum and maximum contribution for the year and preparation of an actuarial valuation report.
  • Governmental reporting, including Form 5500, Schedule B, and other required schedules. Completion of PBGC annual filings if required.
  • Terminating employee benefit calculations, including election and notification forms.
  • Participant statements.
  • Optional services as needed, including roll-over account maintenance and IRC-415(e) combined plan limitation calculations.